2012 The Ford-Focus Electric

Fast forward to last month's media preview in Thailand and let's just say the sigh of relief was all too palpable when the curtains were drawn. It's telling how minor aesthetic tweaks can significantly alter the appeal of a car. No, the Focus still isn't gorgeous, but with the Asia-specific clear lens tail-lamps and chromed grille, it is much more palatable, attractive almost. If you have already gotten the cheque book out, then the optional body-kit (as seen on our test car) is a must have, it adorns the Focus with much-needed presence. Ford officials did point out that while the previous generation focus captured the imagination of many, its controversial styling divided opinions, it would seem the risk of alienating the masses was just too big a gamble.


1998 marked the entry of the Ford Focus in the auto market and 2010 witnesses the standards it has set. In a class of its own, a high end, precision engineering has brought the Focus up in the performance sect, which, according to common belief, must also set the standards high for the Ford Focus insurance. However, the truth is, protecting the vehicle in all aspects of it need not come expensive. The secret lies in selecting the correct Ford Focus insurance options - those that are absolutely required and a few more to buffer. Chosen right, they reduce the premiums greatly.
2012 The Ford-Focus Electric


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