2012 Mercedes SLK Realased

Regarding safety, Mercedes says the new body structure offers better protection, complemented by active features, such as PreSafe and Presafe Brake.The 2012 Mercedes SLK can be ordered in Europe from January 17, for a base price of 38,675 euros (SLK 200), including VAT. The more powerful variants will cost 44,256 (SLK 250) and 52,300 (SLK 350) euros.

When it comes to leasing a car, it makes little difference whether you want the most run-of-the-mill Ford Fiesta or a full blown Mercedes SLK. In fact, when it comes to the higher end brands such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi and so on, contract hire makes even more sense. Why spend tens of thousands buying your dream car outright when it would be much more affordable and beneficial to pay for it monthly?

2012 Mercedes SLK Realased


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