Honda Odyssey

The wife and I bought a 2006 Honda Odyssey in 2007 that had only 23,000 miles on it, in tip top shape, with the 3.5 v-tech twin overhead cam enduro engine, that easily cruises at 70 miles per hour, with a top end of 160, for a smart price of $23,999. It has been one of the best investments I have ever made. We use it to transport our day care kids to and from elementary school, take trips on the weekend to buy toys, blankets, pillows at auction for resale to other used toy & thrift stores in the area. The back bench seats lay down into the recessed trunk, and the middle captain chairs fold down so I can fit almost any backyard toy, broken down, into the back.

2010 Honda Odyssey Front View2010 Honda Odyssey Front View

2010 Honda Odyssey Headlight2010 Honda Odyssey Headlight
The Honda odyssey is called as a complete full sized minivan. This happens to be a full size family being a minivan. The Odyssey can out do many other minivan models. The minivan has got great style and reliability which is most important in case of a family car.
2010 Honda Odyssey Steering Wheel


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