2012 The Chrysler 200 is more a Cars

The Chrysler 200 is more of a midcycle refresh then a complete change for the sedan, but with a new name, fresh exterior, updated interior and optional V-6 engine, this model may be differentiated enough to bring customers back to the Chrysler brand.

Chrysler's rescue plan included a historic federally orchestrated bankruptcy in summer 2009 and followed a similar and much more expensive plan to rescue General Motors.

Unlike GM, Chrysler's rescue was predicated on the Fiat Group stepping in to manage the company, something that had to be done in order to guarantee federal intervention. Without Fiat's help, Chrysler would have collapsed and been joined with failed brands that had gone before it. GM, on the other hand, was considered to be "too big to fail." Besides, it had new products in the pipeline while Chrysler did not.

2012 The Chrysler 200 is more a Cars


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