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 Car Audio infection carefully to what degree converted? (Figure) - Car Audio, modification - automotive supplies industry Modified for the car stereo view is that eyes of the beholder, the wise see wisdom. But the current atmosphere of strong depth of conversion, the resulting negative impact of misleading consumers clear, this article focuses on the presentation of a modest modification of this view, in order to have reference to the consumer!
  Recent years, with rapid access to the family car, car culture has taken root in China and the rapid development of "play-buyers" also displayed in a new new face before the world: a sweet Body painting , Cool car Tail , Full engine power, a shining car headlights, of course, the head start of Car Audio .
Car stereo converted to what degree (HC Auto Accessories Network with map)
Has been Audio conversion Will always Modified car A maverick of the category, as it required for the conversion technology, higher and more professional. With the auto industry in China's rapid development, originally popular in car audio or car modification enthusiasts modified car stereo between the rapidly intensifying, reasons: First sound in the Chinese culture has gradually been converted to accept, poisoning infection are more and more; second significant increase in sales of economy cars, but the lower sound configuration, can not meet the current demand for consumer audio and video.

Car audio conversion needs of rapid expansion, was undoubtedly the most benefit from modified car stereo shop, more famous contemporary audio conversion shops are: very city, the best sound, Metro Ziang, bi-weekly audio, Wo Fulin so. Shop's purpose is to make money, car audio conversion shop is no exception, in order to draw business, for their own publicity and ultimately, naturally, especially audio conversion so technical requirements for the high line of business. Collecting random network, you can see a variety of audio conversion cases, even in the forum some people will sound modification enthusiast masterpiece out dry in the sun, for the people in the entertainment, it is also invisible impact on people's understanding for the modified car stereo.

Propaganda for the present popularity of car audio market modification, the industry calls "depth of sound modification", which includes the host, amplifiers, speakers, sound insulation materials, and even full conversion. Too much propaganda and cultural depth of modification, why not? I think it is better and the audio converted stores have the most direct relationship between the interests of it! Now too much emphasis on publicity concerning the depth of sound modification, from the Wei-tai Car decoration Advanced audio technician Marching modified his views about: car audio conversion, it should be like turnip greens, all have love. Not all of the riders are suitable for the depth of sound conversion, conversion should also be demand driven, there are degrees of love.

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