2011-2012 The Hyundai Curb concept

Another Hyundai designer, Arash Badeanlou boldly stated “The world has never seen lines like this on a car before," adding "it is as if the architect Santiago Calatrava inspired it

The company has done consistently well in New York with a great number of cars being rolled out from its dealer stores every day. Also, in that aspect, Hyundai's Genesis has made considerably great business in New York. A decade ago, the vehicle giant sure made a very positive impact on the nation as a whole when they pioneered with their 'Hyundai Assurance' concept. The concept includes 24/7 Roadside Assistance and America's Best Warranty. The services have been extended all through 2010. They also have special car purchase schemes concerning the recent economic scenario also. This has made the company all the more popular in New York and that's explains why the car maker has done business better than any other even in this economic downturn.

2011-2012 The Hyundai Curb concept


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