2011 Toyota Auris Hybrid is designed to be more upbeat

Auris is designed to be more upbeat and upscale than other compact cars. It is inspired by Toyota Yaris design. The brand new model, which is designed and manufactured in Europe, uses Toyota performance parts to boost its functionality. With fresh design and powerful dynamics, Auris is expected to lure more customers and steal a slice of market share from Volkswagen Golf and Alfa Romeo 147.
2011 Toyota Auris Hybrid Side View2011 Toyota Auris Hybrid Side View
The 4x4 specialist last month confirmed that a production version of its exciting LRX concept will go into production at the company's Halewood plant in Merseyside. The latest Landy's 'green' credentials will be sealed by an electric-drive rear axle coupled to a 2-litre turbodiesel engine, capable of running on bio-diesel. CO2 output is predicted to be around 120 g/km, putting the 4x4 in one of the lowest road tax bands.

Altogether this battle for the Brit hybrid crown is a great sign that the UK-based car industry is weathering the economic downturn and looking forward to the cutting edge of new motor technologies.
2011 Toyota Auris Hybrid Interior2011 Toyota Auris Hybrid is designed to be more upbeat


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