2011 Chrysler 300-C is Luxury and Comfort cars

Luxury and Comfort, The '57 Chrysler 300-C, based on the New Yorker with lots of changes, was built using body-on-frame construction. It had new 14-inch wheels as well as new dual headlights which allowed for up to 75 feet more vision when driving at night.
Chrome seems to add a luxurious feel to any car and the Chrysler 300 is no exception. There are chrome accessories for this vehicle for trimming the fender, the bumper, and the rear deck. Even a fuel door cover in chrome or door handle accents is available.

The back of the side mirrors can have chrome backs added to them for a bit more flair. For even more chrome accessories, to make the 300 truly decked out, pillar post trim, rear bumper trim, chrome arrow body side moldings, front bumper caps, and even fender vent port holes can be added.
Chrysler 300-C is Luxury and Comfort cars


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