2011 Tuning car from the new Audi A1

The new Audi A1 has not yet hit the roads, but motorists are already queuing up to place their order. Some are so keen that they are willing to pay up to 24 thousand pounds - which is a considerable fee when you consider that the list price begins at 12 thousand.


At the moment some of the best contract leasing deals available are with Audi lease. The company's vehicles are renowned for their safety features, sturdy construction and stylish lines and you can now add to that their value contract hire deals.

The range of Audi cars that are on offer to lease covers a large part of the range, from the new Audi A1, the reliable and sporty Audi A3, the spacious Audi A4, and the sporty Cabriolet are all cars that provide a great driving experience for the family or business user. Customers looking for a chic and elegant sports car will find the range of Audi cabriolets excellent value, while the Audi TT Coupe and Roadster are always guaranteed to turn heads and provide a smooth and comfortable drive.
2011 Tuning car from the new Audi A1


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