2012 HRHamann Fiat 500

The partnership meant Fiat putting cash into Chrysler and would retool a Chrysler plant to produce Fiat models to be sold in the US. Fiat also provided engine and transmission technology that could allow the introduction of new and fuel-efficient small cars. At a time when larger and more global rivals such as Toyota, Volkswagen and Renault-Nissan are competing on the market, Fiat and Chrysler are uniting their efforts to become a viable competitor.

As far as the competitors go, the main rival would be the newly redesigned Ford Ka, with whom the 500 shares basic underpinnings. With so much in common, how is it possible to split the two apart? Well firstly, the new Ford Ka slightly annoyed me by evolving into nothing more than a baby Fiesta, rather than a perfectly serviceable model in its own right. Secondly, the Fiat 500 does everything just a little better than the Ka. It handles better, feels nippier and looks a lot better than the characterless shell the Ka has become. The only downside is that the 500 is slightly more expensive, but remember that you're paying for style here people!

2012 HRHamann Fiat 500


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