2012 The Ford Mustang Boss 302 Mustang was derived from the Falcon

The company's designers added distinctive black accents to various body parts (mirrors, roof and spoiler) and Citic Dicastal 10-spoke wheels, also painted black. Inside, Recaro buckets with embroidered Grabber Blue “Boss 302” inscriptions and other chromatic touches set this car apart.The Laguna Seca package comes with upgraded suspension, chassis and aerodynamic kit, turning the 2012 Mustang Boss 302 into a ready-to-race muscle car. According to Ford, the Laguna Seca can easily reach 1.03 lateral Gs, while also featuring shorter stopping distances and faster acceleration times compared to the regular Boss 302.


1964 was the banner year that Ford Motors unveiled a new breed of car at the World's Fair in New York. With the belief that a small sports car would be the next hot ticket, Ford made strides to make it one of their automobiles. Understanding that true success would come with volume sales, a two-seat design was dropped and Ford introduced the 1965 Mustang based on the Falcon with numerous options to give buyers the opportunity to customize their purchase. At the base price of $2,320, the Mustang racked up over 22,000 in sales its first day, 417,000 in the first year and surpassed the one million mark in March of 1966. The attention was now on the pony car, and is the only class of muscle car that still exists today. The Ford Mustang is the only original pony car to remain in uninterrupted production.

2012 The Ford Mustang Boss 302 Mustang was derived from the Falcon


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