2011 Mercedes B-Class will soon appear on American

Fortunately for Mercedes, that's not the case with the drivetrain as the 4.038mm long BC301Z hatchback will be offered in China with a choice of two Mitsubishi-sourced gasoline engines, a 1.3-liter unit linked to a five-speed manual and a 1.5-liter powerplant hooked up to a CVT. The five-door model will be followed next year by a four-door sedan (BC302Z) and station wagon (BC303Z) variant.


The Mercedes B-Class, a line of compact cars about the size of a Volkswagen Golf, is expected to be imported to the U.S. market within one or two years time. This model is unusual in that it will be the first vehicle marketed by Mercedes in the U.S. that is not a true luxury car. Instead, the German automaker is hoping to capitalize on its venerable name by serving a greater share of the American populace by marketing a more ordinary model. Soon after the B-Class' debut, yet another small vehicle derived from Mercedes will also make its appearance in the U.S.: the Dodge Hornet. Both the B-Class and Hornet are being developed to revolutionize their respective brands, pitting DaimlerChrysler against some of the leading youth brands in the world.

2011 Mercedes B-Class will soon appear on American


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