2011 Mercedes B-Class Begets the Dodge Hornet

Mercedes has long looked at the entire U.S. auto market as fair game, meaning it is not just a place where it can sell luxury vehicles, but a place to market "low budget" vehicles too. Unknown to some American motorists, the Mercedes name is much broader than simply being a luxury make. Like its German rival, Volkswagen, Mercedes sells cars in Europe that compete directly against the Golf as well as against the luxurious VW Phaeton. Still, introducing a "budget Benz" to America is a psychological hurdle that parent DaimlerChrysler is delaying making a commitment to. Let's take a look at the proposed B Class and the reasons why the model not make it to the U.S. anytime soon.


Yes, the B-Class is poised to change the way American consumers think about the Mercedes brand while giving the make a chance to capture a broader chunk of the market. With the Hornet deriving its platform and other key components from the B-Class, Dodge will also benefit and be able to holds its own against Asian imports. Yes, both products present risky moves for parent DaimlerChrysler, one that the automaker must take in an ever changing and highly competitive world.
2011 Mercedes B-Class Begets the Dodge Hornet


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