2011 Ford Mondeo Coming with New Angine

Although Ford Mondeo was put into the same class as Contour and Mercury Mystique as a "world car", it does not necessarily share the features that have classified its sisters as world cars in the past. For instance, Ford Mondeo does not feature front mirrors and door handles like those on the Contour, or the windscreen. In fact, the Mondeo is less like a world car, than newer models like the Ford Focus and the Mk. 6 Ford Fiesta, which both fit the bill much better in terms of being a "world car".

2011 Ford Mondeo Official Pictures2011 Ford Mondeo Official Pictures
The middle of the range Mondeo is the Zetec which includes the same features as the Edge basic model. In addition to these features the interior includes chrome and leather style gear knob and seats, 16" alloy wheels and front and rear powered windows. The top of the range model is the Ford Mondeo Ghia. The features of this top of the range Mondeo include wood effect interior, floor mats, ambient interior lighting and most importantly the Sony 6CD DAB audio system.
2011 Ford Mondeo Sport Sedan Cars2011 Ford Mondeo Coming with New Angine


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