2011-2012 Ford Ranger T6

Fuel economy for the Ranger is good for a truck; twenty-two miles per gallon in the city and twenty-seven miles per gallon on the highway. The truck has a payload capacity of one thousand one hundred sixty pounds, and the truck bed volume rates at thirty-seven cubic feet. The Ranger truck bed is six feet long. In comparison, the 4.0L V6 produces two hundred ten horsepower at five thousand one hundred revolutions per minute and two hundred fifty-four pound feet of torque at three thousand seven hundred revolutions per minute. Standard equipment on the Ranger includes manual air conditioning, anti-lock brakes, an AM/FM stereo, and stability control. Safety features on the Ford Ranger include traction control, airbags for the driver and passenger, side airbags, and an engine immobilizer. The Ford Ranger received a five star rating in driver front crash testing, a four star rating in passenger front crash testing, and a three star rating in rollover crash testing.

2011 Ford Ranger T6 Pictures2011 Ford Ranger T6 Pictures
Now, insurance is a very confusing subject and though a sturdy car like the Ford Ranger does more than half the talking to the insurance companies itself, the rest i.e. taking a decision, at the end, depends upon the buyer. The Ford Ranger require only a few basic yet important coverage, which are not enough for the insurance companies to make a decent profit. Hence, while selling Ford Ranger insurance, the company may include extra coverage; hence, a buyer must know and understand what different coverage means and the benefits they bring.
2011 Ford Ranger Side View2011-2012 Ford Ranger T6


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