2011 Toyota RAV4 on the way to a brand new adventure

The 2011 Toyota RAV4 now has an upgraded grille, tail lights and alloy wheels. It is still available in three models: the base model, sport model and the limited edition model. The base model has steel wheels and black door handles. The higher models have alloy wheels and door handles that are the same color as the body of the car. The limited edition model has a grille insert that is made of chrome. The sport model has optional run-flat tires so there is no longer any need to place a spare tire in the tailgate of the RAV4. The tailgate of the RAV4 opens like a car door instead of swinging it up like in most cars of its type.


Feel like grabbing the wheel of a Toyota RAV4 on the way to a brand new adventure? Then come to Toyota of Des Moines, one of the largest dealers of Toyota cars in the US.
2011 Toyota RAV4 on the way to a brand new adventure


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