2011 Honda Ridgeline Performs

Up until recent years Honda was absent in the truck world. They had spent most of their time developing some of the best cars in the world such as the Accord and Civic. But then Honda decided to jump into the water with a truck; they call it the Ridgeline. When the Honda Ridgeline was first made available some people were skeptical that it may not be able to meet industry standards. But that notion was soon tossed aside. The Honda Ridgeline has proven that it can compete in a crowded truck market.

2011 Honda Ridgeline Car Engine
2011 Honda Ridgeline Car Engine
Often times people like to just drive. They will drive to the grocery store and then back home. In a couple hours they realize that they need something at the hardware store, so they will take that trip and back home again. Taking several small trips and not allowing your car enough time to warm the engine properly uses about twice as much fuel as you would need to. Plan accordingly. Make a shopping list and get everything that you need all in one trip. Not only will this save you money on gas mileage, wear and tear on the vehicle, but it will also save you something that is much more valuable to a person - time. Also, while you are running your errands you should avoid any unnecessary idling. If you have to wait at the drive up at the bank for a while, it is best to turn off the vehicle to avoid wasting gas and stop air pollution.
2011 Honda Ridgeline Road Test2011 Honda Ridgeline Performs


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