2011 Ferrari 458 NightHawk

To simply call the 458's engine powerful would be too much of a compliment to other powerful engines on the road. The mid-rear mounted (a first for Ferrari) 4499 cc V8 direct injection engine is dominant on all fronts. The engine is able to deliver 570 CV at 9000 rpm and has a power output of 127 CV per litre.


To reduce weight from the already light 458 Italia, engineers used thinner body panels and carbon fiber as well as Lexan wherever possible in this track-only model. Equipped with lightweight body panels and specially tuned suspension, the 458 Italia Challenge is the first Challenge racer to use the F1-Trac traction control system and it is Ferrari's first racing application of the dual-clutch seven-speed transmission. The F1-Trac system allows to constantly monitoring levels of grip for maximum high-performance road-holding and it is fully integrated with the E-Diff to guarantee maximum acceleration and stability into and out of corners. The ABS/EBD, F1-Trac and E-Diff calibration settings are selected thru the manettino placed in the steering wheel. It is the first time this solution has been adopted on a Ferrari Challenge series model. The driver can choose from three configurations: OFF (traction control deactivated), position 1 and position 2, which have progressively higher levels of control system intervention.
2011 Ferrari 458 NightHawk


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