2011 The Ferrari-458 is Super Fast Cars

The engine is the same block as used in the California too, except it takes on different characteristics after the aluminum has been cast. The stroke has been increased to give 4.5 litres instead of 4.3 and it is now good for 9000 revs and 562 bhp. That's 125 bhp per litre. And there are no turbo's or superchargers involved here. That's also a 70 bhp increase over the ordinary F430 but despite this, the 458 Italia is more economical and produces less CO2.



Let's talk performance. The 458 provides a huge power to weight ration and provides massive speed which doesn't just build and build - it's like a rocket ship all the way through the gears and right up to 9000 revs. In terms of the transmission the gearbox is a triumph and despite being a double clutched set-up with paddles on the wheel it is always very responsive and never feels removed or clinical. The throttle is almost too sensitive with no room to ease on the power with subtlety, which feels almost at odds with the refined transmission. Sound wise the 458 Italia delivers like you would expect from a Ferrari with a vicious roar and a throaty burble on the over-run.

2011 The Ferrari-458 is Super Fast Cars


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