2011 Aston Martin Cygnet is not a bespoke design

The DB9 coupe has a 6.0L engine. It has the same V12 engine as the Aston Martin Vanquish. With a width of 73.8 inches (over 6 feet), a height of 52 inches, and a length of 185 inches, it would be an understatement to say that the DB9 is a big GT. With such massive size in a coupe one might consider this machine cumbersome and slow. But underneath its bonnet lies a 450Hp power plant capable of raising the car to speeds over 180mph.
Announced in mid 2009, the first Cygnet's will start hitting the roads sometime in 2010. Despite its diminutive size the car certainly still has an Aston Martin price tag, expected to sell for around £30,000 ($50,000 USD). To retain exclusivity further still, the Cygnet will only be available to existing Aston Martin owners with annual production expected to be below 5000.
2011 Aston Martin Cygnet Yellow Color2011 Aston Martin Cygnet Yellow Color
Despite the high cost, the Cygnet is not a bespoke design and is actually based on the Toyota iQ - a low cost micro car which originally launched in 2008. Beneath the heavy modifications which give the Cygnet its signature Aston Martin looks, the car underpinnings of the initial models will share much with it's Toyota brother - even down to the engine which will be the stock Toyota 1.33 liter. The actual differences will be mainly cosmetic most obviously with the exterior which has sees new body panels and lights. The end result resembles a DB9 which has been squeezed from bumper to bonnet in a vice. The interior of the Cygnet has also seen a revamp and from the inside feels closer to a classic elegance than to the Toyota that the mini Aston is based upon.
2011 Aston Martin Cygnet Race Car2011 Aston Martin Cygnet is not a bespoke design


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