2011 New Chevrolet-Camaro

Wind is no better. As the wind flies around the place, it whips up with it all sorts of 'goodies'. Sticks, stones and other bits of rubble get caught up in the storm and as they fly past, the scratch and dent cars. These small little nicks and dings everywhere are unsightly, and cost a pretty penny to fix up.


Last year, the new Camaro was everywhere, from the silver screen to Wal-Mart parking lots, reasserting its rightful place in American pop culture. While its cutting-edge styling and nostalgic appeal won an immediate fan base, its raw muscle and performance abilities attracted legions more. "After years of anticipation, Chevy's new Camaro not only lives up to the hype but also redefines what a muscle car can be," writes Edmunds.


2011 New Chevrolet-Camaro


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