2012 The Bentley Continental GT Sedan Sport Cars

The Bentley Continental GT's 6-litre engine is designed in four banks of three cylinders producing a W formation of its 12 cylinders. Its twin turbochargers create an astonishing power output of 552HP potentially producing a top speed of 198mph and a 0-60mph time of 4.6 seconds.With its high efficiency catalyst and exhaust system, there are much lower emissions. The GT's wider central air intake gives a much improved airflow which aids engine cooling.
2012 Bentley Continental GT Seats2012 Bentley Continental GT Seats
The bargain Bentley, or at least that's what the Bentley GT used to be called. When it debuted on the market in 2003 it had a retail sticker of $156,000. These days $156,000 might get you a used, 3 year old Bentley GT. Isn't that a shame? But let's put price aside a have a look at this luxury behemoth.
2012 Bentley Continental GT Luxury Cars2012 The Bentley Continental GT Sedan Sport Cars


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