2011 The Jaguar XF Car Lease Specials

The British brand Jaguar is synonymous with luxury and refined style but it has been primarily been popular with more established and older consumers due to its classic and subdued styling. Jaguar boldly moves into the next millennium with a contemporary and ultra modern vehicle; the sporty 2010 Jaguar XF. This auto first burst into the automotive scene in 2010 so it's definitely a newcomer to the luxury market. Its appearance is daring, modern and entirely different from any Jaguar produced in the past. This car has a sporty bold look; it's aggressive and modern looking with lines that are usually found on a sports coupe. The vehicle's stunning body is perfectly accentuated by beautiful eighteen inch wheels and an automatic sunroof allowing you to enjoy the warm breeze as you cruise down the street in glamorous style.

2011 Jaguar XF Black Pack Front Angle View2011 Jaguar XF Black Pack Front Angle View
Expect the Jaguar XF to "hit the shelves" on March 1 2008. It will come in two whopping 4.2 liter V8 models, one with a supercharger and one without. There will also be a 3.0 liter V6 for the slightly less adventurous and a 2.7 liter V6 turbo diesel for the gas-consumption conscious. This is the definitely the cat to beat as soon as it hits the market and at over $60,000, this price range is only rivaled by Germany's BMW 550i M Sport. It all depends in what class you choose to belong to when it comes to shopping for the top car leasing specials.
2011 Jaguar XF Black Pack
2011 The Jaguar XF Car Lease Specials


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