2011 Mercedes-SLK

Initially these SLK230s were powered with the supercharged 2.3 liter, four cylinder engine which gave 185 horsepower output. It was capable of good performance, the engine sounded harsh and rough, if we compared it with the engines available in the SLKs key competitors like Porsche Boxster. Though the German name would make a rough engine like Kompressor worth it even with the looks which are really cool.


If you want a luxury saloon but these prices seem a bit too high, then it could be worth you checking the Used Mercedes-Benz and Used BMW markets, as due to prestige vehicle depreciation the prices drop drastically. Within 3 years, a Used Mercedes or Used BMW can lose up to 50% of its original value, which is terrible news for the owner, but great news if you are looking for a used executive saloon.


2011 Mercedes-SLK


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