2010 The Mercedes Benz SLK

There are few of things which can equal the great feeling which comes when we drive along slick drop top with roof down on a typical summer day. R170 platform of SLK compressor first came in 1997 for the model year 1998 and competed with BMW Z3. It was a class apart with its folding hardtop. It's added weight though marred its performance of 193 hp 2.3 L charged I4 engine and automatic transmission. The SLK featured in Car and Drivers Ten best list for a long time in 1997. All of the SLK's were not build in Bremen, Germany, the SLK 320 were build in South Africa and Mexico.Mercedes Benz SLK 230 came in 1998 with a convertible hardtop. It was the first modern car which combined the structural changes to encompass the weather resistance benefits which comes with a hardtop and a wow factor of good looking two seats convertible.


Most automakers use specific styling cues to make their vehicles look and feel like they are a part of an extended family - even when they belong to different segments. That's even more true in the case of premium carmakers like Mercedes. And while it's too early to make any final assumptions regarding the appearance of the 2011 Mercedes-Benz SLK, speculating that the styling of the next-generation compact hardtop-roadster will be heavily inspired from the new SLS AMG Gullwing may not be far from reality.

2010 The Mercedes Benz SLK


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