2011 The VW-Passat

MK1 was followed by the MK2 and that was brought to market in the year 1981. A few things that were changed in this version was, the headlight of the car. In MK2, Volkswagen used rectangular headlight, compared to the round head lights of MK1. MK2 was little longer than MK1 in length. Volkswagen also released a 4 wheel drive of this car which had an engine capacity of 2.2 liter and had transmission with 5 and 4 speed manual.



Just sitting there, the Passat looks more substantial, and its overall design has assumed a certain gravitas befitting the maturity of the car's technology. This includes a wider track (by a significant 1.5 inches), major revisions to the front MacPherson strut-type suspension, and new multilink rear geometry. The steering is now electromechanical and is the best VW has ever given us; the brakes are big 12.3-inch vented discs in front, 11-inch solid discs in back. Standard electronic chassis aids include ABS, electronic stability, brake assist, and an electronic differential lock.



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