new Range Rover Evoque has remained

The new Range Rover Evoque has remained remarkably true to the LRX show car as the only visible differences concern some minor details such as the exposed door handles and the larger (and apparently far more practical for everyday use) exterior mirrors.

I wanted to sell my Range Rover 2.9 Td6 Vogue SE Auto, but I was dreading it due to all the problems I'd encountered in the past. For some reason when people see a woman is selling a car they presume I wont know anything about cars. In the past when I've sold a Range Rover, potential buyers have tried to tell me my car wasn't worth the asking price and they would offer me half "I tell you what love, I'll do you a favor and give you £10,000 in cash and take it off your hands right now." Yeah, right! I sent them away pretty smartish because I knew the value of my car.


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