Mercedes GLK Urban Concept Design

The Mercedes GLK Urban Whip features LED lights, a 64mm lowered ride height, 26" Asanti AF 150 chrome wheels with custom black accents and front and rear Brembo performance brakes. For the interior of the Mercedes GLK Urban Whip, Boulevard Customs worked with Mark Kraus and John Lancaster and used black and white color theme with diamond-stitched and perforated leathers.

Mercedes-Benz GLK Urban WhipThe most outstanding feature of the Urban Whip is that it does have a roof. While the original brief required the design to preserve the structural reliability of the GLK, the powerful appearance of the custom-built wide-body kit, which was designed in collaboration with RoBrady Design, made the roadster enticement quite difficult to refuse. Boulevard forwarded models of its roadster concepts to Mercedes-Benz USA and approval was quickly received. Collaborating with NBS Performance, Boulevard detached the roof, reduced windshield height and put in the essential structural bracing to produce a roadster with superficial changes to the door tops

It is a design study exploring a new type of vehicle that offers a luxury experience in a diminutive size which compact dimensions with the design, features and technology for which Cadillac is known.


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