Design of New Toyota Cars "YARIS".

Design of New Toyota Cars "YARIS"
Recommended Toyota Yaris.

When launched in 2005, the Toyota Yaris has the following features:
* Quality - a lot of items that increase, compared with the first generation model, from the interior feels more quality, noise and vibration smaller car.
* Security - an improvement of packaging equipment and a more sturdier body structure to help create a more secure package for the entire 5-stars in Euro NCAP in 2005 (for adult protection)
* Design - with styling that is made by Toyota's European design studio, ED2, second-generation Toyota Yaris DNA taken from the first model, is also pursuing a new direction in design

* Driving dynamics - a new platform (50% compared with the previous stiffer) and actually reach a new suspension system may be a combination of good handling and ride comfort level
* Powertrains - a new Yaris adopted various advanced Toyota Optimal Drive unit that combines strong performance with high fuel consumption and low emissions

* Package and flexibility - some innovations have been better to use the interior space and help increase flexibility.


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