2011 The Suzuki Kizashi

We spent a week driving a 6-speed manual AWD Kizashi GTS locally and beyond and came away impressed. We have found Suzuki's small cars and SUVs lively in spirit, especially the sporty AWD SX4s, and good in most ways;but we had no idea what to expect from their first foray into midsize sedan territory.

2011 The Suzuki Kizashi

The newest Suzuki to hit the market is one that is creating a lot of buzz and likely will bring a much needed sales boost for the Japanese automaker. A midsize sport sedan, the Kizashi is just the type of vehicle Suzuki needs to spark interest in a brand that has fallen on tough times lately. Indeed, with sales down by more than one half for the past year, the Kizashi could be just the reviving product Suzuki needs when it goes on sale later this year.


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