2011-2012 The Audi Q5

The engine utilizes a dual overhead cam valve train that requires premium unleaded gasoline. All of this power is shifted through a 6 speed automatic transmission with the "tiptronic" feature that is fed to all four wheels through Audi's "quattro" all wheel drive system. The Audi Q5 powerplant is able to push the crossover through the quarter mile in fifteen and one half seconds at a maximum speed of ninety-three miles per hour. The engine also returns a zero to sixty acceleration time of seven and one-tenth seconds.


Those are based on their computer graphic card technology. This technology is also used in scientific computers because the chips are potentially 20 times faster than Intel's pentium processors. One of them will be the base for the new MMI system, allowing generation of smooth map transitions when driving. With the technology a 3D orientation map with true-to-scale terrain and photo realistic depictions of key landmarks is made possible in cars for the first time. Finally with the new system Audi implements features including USB storage media (iPod and MP3), satellite radio and blue tooth.


2011-2012 The Audi Q5


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